How are prisons dealing with a rapidly aging inmate population? Who are the prisoners turning gray behind bars?

"Dying Inside: Elderly in Prison", 2010. Josh Rushing explores the phenomenon of aging in the US’ massive prison population. Long sentences, handed out decades ago, are catching up with the American justice system, and prisons across the country are dedicating entire units just to house the elderly. During difficult economic times, the issue has hit a crisis point as encarcerating older inmates costs three times as much as younger inmates. Josh Rushing gains exclusive and unprecedented access to jails and prisons across the country to tell the story.

Each person has value...nobody’s a throw-away person... You know, somebody loved this person once.

Phyllis Taylor, prison hospice volunteer
Mat Skene, executive producer | Jeremy Young, producer | Snorre Wik, director of photography | Warwick Meade, editor | Josh Rushing, correspondent