What happens when media interest in a mass shooting moves on? How do communities cope with trauma in the aftermath of some of the deadliest mass shootings in the US – or deal with the reality that they could be next?

"The Aftermath: The Trauma of Mass Shootings in the US", 2019. Mass shootings have become a grim reality of life in the US with more than 300 occurring in 2018 alone. Each event has made this clear: mass shootings can happen anywhere and at any time – in malls, theaters, places of worship, and even schools. Predictable patterns have also emerged: the shooting happens; politicians denounce it and ask for thoughts and prayers; vigils and memorials are organized and held; and intense media coverage ensues until the fervor fades to the next story. Meanwhile, more shootings continue to happen. Josh Rushing explores the long-lasting trauma of mass shootings on survivors and victims’ families. And how communities across the country are preparing for possible attacks.


Laila Al-Arian, executive producer | Amina Waheed, producer | Eric Ljung, director of photography | Adrienne Haspel, editor | Josh Rushing, correspondent